Mardi Gras Made In China

Clip from the award-winning documentary film by David Redmon, Mardi Gras Made in China


Life & Death at Barrister’s


Life and Death at Barrister's Gallery

“The work Barrister’s displays carries scholarly documentation, but it is beyond simple ‘explanations’—it speaks directly to the primitive mind that prowls beneath each and every one of our civilized surfaces. As another reviewer mused, ‘This work has a depth and a vital spirit all of its own…every single piece of art in Barrister’s is alive. You don’t “own” this kind of art; you (politely) invite it to come and live with you.’

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FRAGILE: a collaboration


“Fragile” is inspired by the work that artist John K. Lawson created in the after-math of hurricane Katrina.
The film combines fragments of his art with still photography, music and sound.  These three elements are layered together to form a truly visceral 10 minute experience.  “Do anything you like only don’t try to understand.

Fragile - John Lawson